After many years, Will Overman returns to Hunter at Sunrise this Sunday morning.

WILL OVERMAN 2 1Yes, it has been several years since Will Overman has been on our show and a lot has happened.  Will now lives in Charlottesville and has released an EP and a full length album with his band since he was last on the program.  Now, he has a new single coming out and is working on a brand new album which should be out in the fall. So we hope you will join us as Will Overman returns to Hunter At Sunrise...for more about Will Overman, click HERE. 

Jim Masters of Chesapeake pays his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

On his Facebook page, Jim Masters says his approach to writing a song is simple, write about life. So it only follows that Jim will be sharing part of his life with us this Sunday morning as he visits Hunter At Sunrise for the first time. The Chesapeake songwriter sites many influences....The Beatles, The Eagles, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, CSN, John Prine, John Hyatt, Jim Croce, Tim O’brien, Darrel Scott, Lester Flat, Earle Scruggs, Bill Monroe and more. He says he leans towards Rock, Americana and Blues. Hope you can tune in this Sunday and help us welcome Jim Masters to Hunter At Sunrise for a live acoustic session.  

Nashville's Kayce Laine McGehee will be our guest this Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise

Kayce Laine McGehee visits our show this Sunday morning for the first time as a solo artist.  She's been on the show before backing up her father who will remain nameless but you probably know him as a long time singer-songwriter here in the area. She currently is headquartered in Nashville where she's working on a brand new album to be released soon.  So this Sunday, it's all about Kayce Laine McGehee on Hunter At Sunrise, hope you can tune in. 

We hope you know this guy because he's our first live guest of 2020 this Sunday

Yes, what better way to kick off a decade but with a visit from Anthony Rosano of the Conqueroos. The year 2019 was a banner year for Anthony as he and his band opened for Bob Seger on his last tour of the States. But now he is back home and I'm sure more than willing to talk about his exploits.  And we understand he is bringing a special guest with him for his live session.  So we hope you will join us this Sunday for this very special acoustic session as we catch up with Anthony Rosano on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos, click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise invites you to discover a new artist, Clay Bitter, this Sunday morning

CLAY BITTER 2As we like to say on the show, Hunter At Sunrise is all about discovery and with that in mind, we welcome this Sunday an artist who has only been on the scene for a short time. He's Va. Beach's Clay Bitter, a singer/songwriter new to the area. Clay's been playing around at some open mikes...we caught one of  his sets, liked it,  and we thought you might too.  Hope you will join us this Sunday and discover Clay Bitter for yourself. 

Dwayne Wegley just released his debut album this year and he's our guest this Sunday morning on Hunter At Sunrise

Dwayne Wegley
We're very excited this weekend because an artist whose new music we've been featuring is coming into town to be on the show.  Dwayne Wegley,  who currently resides in Mississippi,  released his new album, Just Passing Through, this past July. It's done very well on the Reverbnation acoustic charts. and is available on just about every on-line source out there.   Dwayne is coming a long way to be on our program this Sunday so we hope you will tune in. 

Hunter At Sunrise takes a short vacation

NarissaWe're taking off another weekend to enjoy some of the summer and celebrate Denise Pons' birthday. We hope you will enjoy today's archived show featuring Norfolk's Narissa Bond with Holly Kirsten. We will be back to live shows next Sunday. Today's playlist is already posted to the website. Just click the player to join the show on air. Thanks for listening to Hunter At Sunrise.

Jerry Sowers of Newport News is releasing a new cd and he's our guest this Sunday morning

Jerry Sowers
Jerry Sowers' latest album is called Lessons from a Journey and we're sure he'll be playing some songs from it live on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. Jerry lives on the Peninsula where he works in Hampton City Schools as a music teacher. He's a long time singer/songwriter here in the area...his music embracing the more traditional folk genre. Hope you can join us for this special live acoustic session when Jerry Sowers visits the show Sunday morning.

Alana Springsteen has her eyes on that world tour but first she's our guest on Hunter at Sunrise this Sunday

Alana Springstreen
Alana Springsteen is a very busy woman. All of 18 years old, Alana is putting out record after record this year. Originally from Virginia Beach, Alana's family moved her and her siblings to Nashville about four years ago so she could chase her dream. And so far it has been a grand success.  Last November Alana signed with Warehouse West Records, and has been working tirelessly on three different EPs, all slated for 2019.  This Sunday you will hear a young artist on the rise as Alana Springsteen pays her first visit to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Alana Springsteen, click HERE. 

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