The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Flow of Summer Begins

The tourist season has arrived and soon the tall ships will be plying down the Elizabeth.  It's great to be living in this seaside resort, which is wonderful once we get out of the traffic jams.

And with the advent of June comes a steady stream of new albums that are very notable. We've had fine releases from Bonnie Raitt, John Mayer, Sarah Watkins, the Great Lake Swimmers, Norah Jones... a lot of new artists too numerous to mention here.  

The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: That's Jinx with a Capital "J".

I knew it was going to happen.  I knew that once I opened my big mouth about Alt Radio being broadcast on the FM dial that something was going to happen...things were going to change.  Oh, I had been a good boy and not said a thing for about three was my best kept secret.  But then I started to feel like I should mention it both in this blog and on the air. After all, it was broadcasting on 99.3 and if someone from the FCC just happened to be passing through town on the way to the Outer Banks (because they always seem to be passing through town on the way to the Outer Banks), they would wonder why I was broadcasting on an open FM channel without mentionning it. It's something they kinda frown on.  

The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Sometimes the Ghosts in the Machine Win

I just can't win sometimes.  I had a great beginning to the show on into my second song, Jorma Kaukonan's "Genesis", when what happens?....The cd just stops about a minute in and returns to the beginning...not a great way to start the show.  But it leads me to a confession.   My show is not high tech by any means.  I am probably the only radio announcer in town spinning CDs. 

Back from the's just Another Show

Well I really took a Sunday off in order to celebrate my birthday in Richmond, but as you may know...that went down the tubes when I got very sick.  I was hacking, weezing, coughing, shivering, sneezing and other unmentionable stuff for four straight days.  Luckily I was already taking the Sunday off, so things worked out.

Last Sunday I returned to live shows (went to Richmond on Saturday to finally celebrate my birthday two weeks late). It was great to be back on the air, but I am still feeling the affects of whatever I had.  I nearly completely lost it during my Nate Sacks interview.  That was not pretty I know.  But I really am appreciative that Nate was able to come on the show...he really nailed it, I thought.

I am very glad to see great new albums from two friends....Lawrence Lambert and Skip Friel.  It's Lawrence's first solo effort and I have been after him to finish it.  We finally have Soul Folk in our grasp and it was well worth the wait.  Nice producing from Rich Mossman too.   Lawrence will be on the show this weekend for a live acoustic session.   

And Skip has a cool new second album out called Passages...I hope to have him on a future show as soon as I can arrange it.

Finally have the new Norah Jones disce in house and it doesn't disappoint...plan to play more this Sunday...I swear this woman could sing the phone book and make it sound incredible.  She just keeps going on and on.

I am also impressed with the new disc from Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem called One Bright Morning....great light bluegrass..I can dig it.

Played a cool new song from Shawn Colvin this past Sunday...the new disc should be out end of May or early June...and didn't get to play something new from Sarah Watkins...hope to get to that this Sunday. 

That's all for now...hope you can join me as Lawrence Lambert visits this Sunday...

Take care, 


The Universe has been Communicating Big Time over the Last Three weeks

Normally I reserve the blog to talk about the previous Sunday's show...mostly the new music that we played.  But since we aired an archived show last Sunday, I have decided to talk about the star struck happenings in my life lately. Why?  Because it just seems the universe has been speaking to me in ernest lately. Yes, the universe and me have not been in locked step and it yanks my chain to get back on track. 

Here's an example:

I have been telling myself that I have been running too much of late...between my job at WVEC, the radio show, the WHRV pledge drive and the Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival, I have been bouncing from here to there, always on the move.   I have been complaining that I just want to sit at home at least one day, enjoy my new house and work on things here.  I have some speakers I wanted to upgrade and other things to organize. I guess the universe got tired of my complaining and last Wednesday hit me with a sickness I was not laid me up at home for four days not one, and yes, while I didn't feel at all well, I was able to get stuff done. 
I had to cancel a planned trip to Richmond and miss two days from work, but I got stuff done.  This is how the universe speaks to me. 

Another example and this one is convoluted so stay with me:

I had been thinking for some time that I need to replace a tire on my car.  It worried me so much, that I broke down and took the car to the place I normally take it to in Portsmouth...this is quite a trek these days for me.  I arrive and they are abnormally busy at this tire place.  They usually take my car immediately and I am on the road in no time.  But this day there are about 4 cars ahead of I decide I can do it another day...after all, the tire isn't that bad.  So I get in the car to leave and my ignition breaks...yes, breaks...It will not engage the engine at all.  Luckily the universe has let this happen at a place where there is a mechanic.  But of course it takes the mechanic 5 hours to fix the problem for reasons I won't go into here...but luckily it doesn't cost that much.  But I came away from the experience thinking that the universe was telling me that I should find another place to get my tires...someplace that wasn't so far away....

So I went on the hunt...and my hunt consisted of googling Used Tires in Virginia Beach....Low and behold, I find this place called Express Tires on Rosemont Road which is not that far away. Their motto: "We're so fast, the others are Half Fast"...sounded like the place for me.  So I decide I'm going on Thursday to have the tire replaced...Oh no you don't, says the universe.  When I come out of the house on Tuesday and am trying to pull out of the driveway to go to the store, I hear just a hint of rubber rubbing against the pavement.  It sounds a little like a tire on low air and sure enough, my rear tire has a leak that is becoming visible. Luckily the universe has let this happen in my driveway and not on the road. Suddenly I'm changing the tire and the universe is leading me down the road ahead of schedule to Express fortuitous.   And there they repair the leak AND  replace the tire I wanted to replace all along AND they discover that one of my other tires is about to go out as well.  A guy at the shop hands me a 1 1/2 inch nail he dug out of my tire that the universe obviously put there.  

So you see, the universe often talks to you when you think everything is going to hell in a hand's important just to go with the flow and wait till you're in lock step again with the force (sorry for the Star Wars reference).

Anyway, I will make up for missing the trip to Richmond and I will be back with a live show this Sunday.  We will have Nate Sacks on the show who won the Emerging Artist Contest in April....and there is plenty of new music to sample and continue to play.  

Life goes on and the universe is always in play.....I just hope you are listening.

Till next Sunday...