The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Critic is Out

It has crossed my mind more than once to use this blog as a sort of critics corner and let you, my listeners, know what I think of the new music I listen to and play from week to week.  But to tell you the truth, I don't think I am the greatest critc of music...for one thing, I have never been a professional musician or singer, so who am I to say what is great and what is not?....No, if I am a professional anything, it's a professional eperiencer (not a word) and presenter of music...I just know what fits in this flow of Sunday morning I have in my head and heart....



And I know when I am in the presence of very cool music that is prime to be featured on the's like I can hear other tunes surround it and thus embellish it, (It's hard to describe "the flow" to people. )

As it is, it is not easy for me to review music, because I do not experience it on some intellectual level. I find I can only compare an artist's new work to what that artist has done in the past.  Comments like "I really like this more than anything he or she has done in the past" or "This is not as good as that other cd they put out" don't cut it in a critic's corner, I think. 

So what is left?  Well the show, of course....what is played is what fits "the flow" and "the mix"...Doesn't mean its the best music of the millenium but I'm just hoping it's the best music in the mix of the moment that is Sunday morning. 

Over the years, I have had some artists write and ask me what I think of their music as if my positive opinion would be some sort of validation of their work. Many have wanted me to play their music on the show.  

Once I actually talked to an artist on the phone who had sent me his music...he wanted to know what I thought and would I play the songs on the show. I told him that what he had done did not really fit my mix. And when he seemed a bit deflated by that, I added...but that doesn't mean your music isn't good.....I like Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Janis Joplin and Nine Inch Nails, and think that music is great...but they don't fit my mix either. He seemed encouraged by that. 

So I guess I'll just continue to be a mixer of music...the applauder during the acoustic sessions...because I know when I am in the presence of "the flow" and just enjory it. And I will leave the reviews to those who have greater abilities at dissecting music down to its very core. 

In other words the critic is out.

Peace and take care,