The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Let's Salute the Flag, Then Settle in for a big Helping of Summer

As I write's the 4th of July, a great holiday celebrating the birth of our country and our freedom...But I can't help but think about all those local Americans who used that freedom to go out and get in some huge traffic jam out at the Oceanfront....all in the name of seeing some fireworks. Luckily I had to work and at my job...



I got to see a great fireworks display in downtown Norfolk from the parking lot. It's those small things that are such blessings, I think.  And as I watched and listened to the fireballs in the sky, I was enveloped with the thought of the summer months ahead. The warm days are easily my favorite.... though I don't think I get outside enough to enjoy them. But the music of summer can be so happy, almost like Christmas.

I am so pleased it's here and I hope you have a good one...we will be doing live shows throughout...maybe taking some time off in August but not too much.

For now we are on the air live for the duration...hope you will listen whenever and wherever you are in the country...Cheers!