The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The June Swoon

Well, I took one Sunday off...and I guess I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take another.  To tell the truth, it's the middle of the year, I have been working hard, and I am tired. Time to take a break. So we're playing a couple of archived shows while I do the vacation thing....We had Glen Phillips last weekend....


And this weekend, we'll re-air our session with Nashville recording artist and songwriter, Gretchen Peters. This featured an incredible performance by Gretchen.  I, for one, enjoy listening to these shows again.  I hope you do too. When I return I hope to have an acoustic session with Donavon will be his second time on the show and he is a lot of fun. Until then I'll be in my June swoon. Time to kick back and relax. It's summertime. 

Chill out and take care,