The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Feelin' the Glow

Ok, so I haven't written in awhile...but that's because I have been really, really busy and things have just been a-happenin'...very good things a-happenin' with the show...I'm just feeling that glow. Here's what I mean...



First, the website was nominated for another local music award and about 15% of the people voting chose our site...the  very strong competition was kinda close and that felt great to get a good chunk of the vote. Came in fourth but it was very cool just to be nominated.  

Then I went on Out of the Box with Paul Shugrue on Saturday and we managed to raise the most money for a Saturday in a long time for local public radio...$17,500..the big bucks...I felt good about that. 

I also found out I am being presented with an award from a very prominent group here in the area (but I am not supposed to talk about that because it hasn't been formally announced yet.) But wow, we're on a roll. 

The acoustic sessions are just out of control...we're booked up into mid April and hopefully the sessions will include national artists Glen Phillips, Slaid Cleaves and James Lee Stanley...and some great local sessions coming up too...things just keep a-happenin'. 

The music is flowing...I have so many artists contacting me about sending me their music...if you have something you would like to send, just contact me through our website. 

I'm emceeing the Acoustic Blues Festival up at Thomas Nelson Community on March 9th and the Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival kick off on April 4th at the Naro. 

Hey, even WHRV has me listed as one of their announcers on their website...simply amazing...thanks so much for that. 

So things are good and getting better...hope you'll feel the glow this Sunday when you tune in...

Take care,