The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: It's the New there anything really New?

Well, as a matter fact, there is something new. I just found out that Hunter At Sunrise has been nominated for a local music award again this year. The VEER Magazine Local Music Awards recognize not only local artists and bands, but also venues and media that support local music. I am very humbled by the fact that the show has been mentioned in the company of some great digital entities that truly support local music.  Thank you to the Veer Magazine judges. 

The nomination also led me to think back to 20 years ago when I first began doing this show. It was Sunrise on The Coast then and we managed to do so much with local music.  We not only played locally produced records but also



we did countless interviews with local artists and even created a Festival around the show.  I say "we" because Brother Dave McMahon, who hosted the show for a while,  did some fact it was Dave who gave me the idea to do the interviews as a weekly segment.  Perhaps the best idea I've had in my long career in radio. 

The acoustic session segment has not only shed light on local, regional, and national artists that otherwise would have gone un-noticed in this area, but it has led to a multitude of contacts, friendships, and relationships for me in this community. I don't know how I can possibly convey how important this has been.

I am so pleased that over the 20 year period, the local music scene has flourished.  Some of the local artists have gone on to other places, to bigger things...they are working at spreading their art and I am so proud of them.

I am happy just to be a small part of it and as long as I am doing this show, I will continue these acoustic sessions featuring everyone from those playing the big venues and benefits to those who are working hard at the area's open mikes.

I just want to thank you all for what you help make this area such a great place to live and I wish you all the best at the awards. 

And to my Hunter At Sunrise listeners, I say Don't Stop...don't stop supporting local music no matter what genre it is or in what venue it's being played. Can you imagine Hampton Roads without it? I can't. 

Thanks and Take care,