The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: On Thankfulness

The holidays are here....  And for some reason I am in a very reflective mood.  I feel I have so much to be thankful for that I just wanted to write about it.  



So much of the time we worry about our hopes and dreams, our wants and wishes to succeed, that we forget to just stop and think about all we have to be thankful for.  For me personally, here's a partial list (because all the things I am thankful for are so numerous and change from day to day). I invite you to come up with your own.....

Friends- I am so blessed with such great friends.  They care so much about the world and each other.  They all work hard and in many cases are spiritual and love music. It is such a blessing to call them friends. 

Health- I thank the universe every day for being able to wake each day and not feel sickness or pain. I know that many people are not so lucky.  I pray it continues and, again, I give thanks.

My Son- I have been blessed with such a great son.  He will soon be graduating from college and on that day I will be so proud of him (I will probably lose it). He wants to be a teacher. I pray each day that he is successful.

My Mom and Sister- Don't know where I would be without them.  Mom is now 91 and loves her ice cream and football on TV.  My sister takes care of her and I call my Mom a lot too.  My sister is the rock of the family...always looking out for Mom and keeping me in the loop. Glad I'm her brother.

My job- It can sometimes be very tough and stressful but it keeps my mind active and still allows me to do the radio show. Each day is different and that's important because I can get bored easily.  It pays the bills, thankfully.

Music- I do not know where I would be without music.  I have found that I do not just listen to music, it flows through me and brings me energy. It is listed last here but in many ways it is first.  It is my contact with and experience of the fabric of everything.  I give thanks each day for my ears with which I hear music so deeply.

I hope you have happy holidays whatever holidays they may be...I hope you stop and listen to your heart because at this time of year (and really all year long), it is guiding you...And when something goes right with you, please don't forget to just stop down and thank whatever God or entity you believe in for the blessing.  

Take care,