The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Storm? Did We Have a Storm?

Well, of course we did and our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in New Jersey, New York and all the other states affected by the mega-hurricane, Sandy.  It's been a rough week for everyone, but we should be thankful that everyone here locally seemed to get through it ok.  But for those in the Northeast, we hope you will remember them by donating to the Red Cross. 

As you may know, we did not do a live show last Sunday.  But this weekend, live shows will return.  I must tell you, I need to get back to the flow of the show. I hope you will join me this Sunday from 7 to 11a eastern for another installment of Hunter At Sunrise....Oh, and by the way, don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night.  We all get an extra hour of sleep...see, now you have no excuse for missing the show. :)

Take care,