About Hunter

Some things about me...

- I've been in television and radio for about 35 years..

- I grew up in a little community of Richmond called Bon Air...and then spent my time before coming here to Hampton Roads in the Fan District.

- I first got into radio at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond where I became Program Director of the college station. I also worked full time at a local commercial station (XL-102) while I was in school.

- I love to mix wide varieties of music...I guess I get bored sometimes listening to just one genre.

- I love to take long walks.

- I once bummed around Europe and hitch-hiked across the U.S....I guess you take your chances if you do that anymore.

- Seafood is my favorite food especially steamed crab.

- Blue and gold are my favorite colors but I often like to wear black.

- I've really adopted a positive attitude towards the future,  the sky's the limit.

- I've found I'm happiest when I'm in the company of a good friend, sharing a bottle of wine and some quiet music.