Australian Singer-Songwriter Anthony Snape Brings his Acoustic Energy to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday


Anthony Snape, orginally from Australia, headquartered in Nashville, pays his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  In addition to playing songs from his latest album Resonate...Anthony talks about his affiliation with guitar great, Tommy Emmanuel.

According to his site on ReverbNaiton:  Anthony is a rare find, an artist that can take on many genres but is most at home in the pop rock world. Influenced by pop culture and bands like Rob Thomas, Cold Play and Neil Finn. Anthony's brand of songwriting is all about connection. "In my head every performance is a stadium rock show, every song is like a part of my soul that is bursting to get out."

Hope you will join us for an acoustic session with Anthony Snape this Sunday.  For more about Anthony Snape, click HERE.