The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: April is for Spring.....Loaded

First off, allow me to join the chorus of those who are sending out prayers to the residents of Boston who had tragedy visit them this week in the form of bombs at the Boston Marathon. It's another senseless act in a long line of senseless acts that have been perpetrated here in America of late. My thoughts have been with the victims all week long. And as I approach my birthday on April 20th, it occurs to me that this bombing is yet another dark event in a series of dark events that have happened around my birth date....( See



Columbine, Oklahoma City, the Iowa explosion, I think you get the idea.) It seems there is something about my birthday that invites total mayhem...maybe because I share the date with Adolph Hitler. 

At any rate, I think I can add yet another,  more personal irritation to the happy day.... that would be the advent of my allergies. For a full week now, I've been coughing, sneezing, having sinus get the picture. I have sounded horrible on the show.  It never used to be like this...I never had allergies.  But something has changed in my physiology that has led to this total smackdown that happens when all the blooms come out in April and May. 

Why can't my birthday be like it was when I was little?...all my friends would come over and we would play games, eat cake and otherwise enjoy the day. No bombs, no shots fired, no sinus implosion...ah, for the simpler times. I guess we could all use that. 

Take care,