Hunter At Sunrise Programming Note

Due to a family emergency, there will be an encore presentation of Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  We hope you will enjoy the program CarrieRodriguezwe aired Nov. 2nd 2014 featuring Austin based recording artist, Carrie Rodriguez, instead.  Please refer back to this space for updates on when we will return to live shows.  

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The Peninsula's Dave Crumpler Pays His First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise

                  Photo by Sandy Adcock

Singer Songwriter Dave Crumpler visits this Sunday morning for a live acoustic session for the first time.   According to his website
, Dave has played "countless acoustic venues from Williamsburg to VirginiaBeachsince 2002. His personal acoustic style blends cross-picking, finger style, flat picking and rhythm techniques with influence early on from James Taylor and Neil Young".  Hope you can tune into Dave Crumpler performing on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. For more about Dave Crumpler, click HERE

We Welcome back Dustin Furlow to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

It will be great catching up with Dustin Furlow this Sunday...he has so much going on.  He is healining a show next Thursday at the Sandler Center as part of the Out of the Box series and he has a new record in the works.  So I hope you will tune in for this special Hunter At Sunrise live acoustic session this Sunday morning.  For more about Dustin Furlow, click HERE. 

Guitarist, Matt Thomas, returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday Morning

Well, it's the dead of winter and what a great time for some hot. virtuoso acoustic guitar. Hunter At Sunrise once again presents just that when Matt Thomas returns to the program for a live acoustic session. Matt has won awards for his open style guitar playing and thumpicking, and has played with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel and Stephen Bennett, two of the best acoustic guitar players in the world. Hope you will join us as we catch up with Matt Thomas this Sunday morning...for more about Matt Thomas, click HERE. 

The Iconic Suzy-Ray-Vaughn Pays a Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

This Sunday morning Hunter At Sunrise really gets into the swing of the new year as Sueanne (Suzy) Doyer, Ray Bruce, and Vaughn Deel, otherwise known as Suzy-Ray-Vaughn,  drop in on the show for a live acoustic session.  They amicably broke up in 2012 after performing in local clubs and bars for 16 years.   Now back together,  they will help us celebrate 2015 the right way. 

Says the Daily Press of Suzy-Ray Vaughn, "With sharp musicianship, warm stage presence and a zeal for playing offbeat Americana covers, Suzy-Ray-Vaughn has long filled an important niche on the local scene."

Hope you can join us for this very special Hunter At Sunrise Live acoustic session this Sunday. For more about Suzy-Ray-Vaughn, click HERE. 

Evan Button Will Be The First Guest of 2015 on Hunter at Sunrise This Sunday

evan button
In advance of the Jan. 13th release of his first full length album, Walking on Earth, 16 year old Evan Button, visits Hunter At Sunrise for the first time this Sunday. Evan has been playing guitar and singing for crowds since he was eight years old. He is a regular on the local music scene, playing in many restaurants, bars, festivals and charity events. Recently he performed at the Aiken and Friends Festival in Smithfield. In addition to Evan's live acoustic session, we will feature some of the new music we didn't play in 2014 as well as the new music we did.  Hope you can join us this Sunday for the first installment of Hunter At Sunrise of the new year.  For more about Evan Button, Click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise Wishes You Happy Holidays

hunter and densise christmas
Happy Holidays from Hunter At Sunrise! We will be taking this Sunday off to celebrate, but we will be returning on the first Sunday of the New Year. Instead of a live show this Sunday morning we will re-air our Nov. 23rd program featuring an acoustic session with Kim Richey. On Jan. 4th we will be back and our live guest will be Norfolk's Evan Button. We will also feature some of the new music we did not play in 2014.  Here's hoping you have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy New Year!

Hunter At Sunrise Celebrates the Holidays with Skye Zentz this Sunday

Hunter at Sunrise is in a holiday mood this Sunday and with that in mind, Skye Zentz of Norfolk is returning to help us celebrate.  Skye has a new batch of songs for the holidays she's going to be sharing with us. Plus we will continue our look back at some of the music we played during 2014. So gather around the tree this Sunday, turn on your radio or boot up your computer, and enjoy the return visit of Skye Zentz to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

The Native Sibling visits Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Fresh off of the release of their dubut cd last summer, The Native Sibling pays its first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  The Native Sibling is brother and sister, Ryan and Kaylee Williams,  from Santa Cruz, California who are receiving rave reviews for their new disc, Letters Kept to Ourselves. You can check out The Native Sibling at the The Parlor on Granby in Norfolk Friday night. Hope you can tune in this Sunday as the Native Sibling takes time out before heading back to the west coast to be on our show.   For more about the Native Sibling, Click HERE. 


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