Norfolk's Mike Lawson Makes his First Appearance on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Mike Lawson                                                                     Photo by Jpixx
Hunter At Sunrise continues its support of area emerging artists as Singer/Songwriter and leader of the Band, The Vir, Mike Lawson of Norfolk visits the show this Sunday. Mike just released an EP earlier this year with his band and we will be talking with him about that. We booked Mike onto the show some weeks ago only to find out later he was one of the 10 finalists in the TAO Emerging Artist Showcase...he went on to finish in the top 3 in the competition.   So we have a lot to talk about with Mike Lawson...we hope you can tune in.  For more about Mike and his band, The Vir, on Facebook, click HERE. 

Capitol Recording Artist Shannon McNally Visits Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Singer/Songwriter Shannon McNally returns to the area this weekend for a show at North Shore Point House Concert Series and we have her for an interview on Hunter At Sunrise.  A native of Long Island, New York,  and now a resident of Mississippi, Shannon has about 11 recordings to her credit including 2013's Small Talk Town, a tribute to songwriter Bobby Charles. Shannon honed her skills busking in Paris and managed to land a record deal with Capitol Records and it was all up from there. So there's a lot to talk about with Shannon McNally this Sunday morning...hope you can join us.  For more about Shannon McNally, Click HERE

Jack Burton Green Brings his Gritty Americana to Hunter at Sunrise

Jack Burton Green
And now for something completely different...the Peninsula's Jack Burton Green visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  A songwriter and musical interpreter, Green presents a little bit of the darker side of acoustic music. He frequents many of the open mikes in the area with his off beat songs and covers. His bio on Reverbnation simply reads, "I just wanna play."  Not sure what will happen during this live acoustic session, so you will just have to join us to see.  For more about Jack Burton Green, click HERE. 

Sugar Hill recording artist, Sarah Jarosz, Visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

Sarah Jarosz
Fresh off the success of her third album, Build Me Up From Bones, which garnered two Grammy nominations, Sarah Jarosz visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. Sarah is considered a prodigy of sorts after being signed to Sugar Hill Records at the young age of 18. Graduating with honors from  the New England Conservatory of Music, she now at the age of 23 has three albums to her credit that put her talents as a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist on full display.   We have a lot to talk about with Sarah, considering she is about to head to Europe to tour with Aoife O'Donovan (formerly of Crooked Still) and Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek).  Hope you can tune into this very special acoustic session this Sunday morning.  For more about Sarah Jarosz, click HERE. 

Karl Werne Pays Another Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Karl Werne
                                                                                                                    Photo by Chuck Hudson                                                          
There is so much going on with Karl Werne that it is going to be hard to fit it all into an interview this Sunday morning.  Karl will be opening for Sarah Jarosz at the Roper Center in Norfolk teamed with Scott Slay on Thursday, April 2nd.  Then on May 8th, he will be unveiling his first studio disc, The Little Notebook, at the American Theater in Hampton with a big night of music. Just so much to talk about and so much music to play.  But wait, there will also be a special guest during our session.  You'll just have to tune in this Sunday morning as Karl Werne returns to Hunter At Sunrise...for more about Karl Werne, click HERE. 

Ron Fetner Will be Our Guest this Sunday Morning On Hunter At Sunrise

Ron Fetner
                                                                                                             Photo by Maria Ridolfino
Ron Fetner of Seaford returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  We'll be talking with him about a big show he has coming up at the Williamsburg Library on March 28th plus catching up on what he's been doing musically. Ron is a longtime singer songwriter here in the area with several records to his credit. It's always great to have Ron on the show.  We hope you will join us for this special Live Acoustic Session this Sunday morning...for more about Ron Fetner, click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise Welcomes Back Narissa Bond this Sunday Morning

Narissa Bond
It has been too long since Narissa Bond has been on the show and we have a lot of catching up to do. Narissa already has three CDs to her credit including Three Words which won two local music awards.  We understand Narissa is working on a new project and she's always active playing in the area. Hope you will join us this Sunday morning as Narissa Bond pays a special visit to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Narissa Bond, click HERE. 

MountainTide Makes Their Radio Debut This Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise

Mountain Tide
As you know, Hunter At Sunrise has presented many established national and local indie artists during our acoustic session segment over the years. But we especially love to present new and emerging artists in the area. And so we are very pleased to have MountainTide visit our show this Sunday morning.  

MountainTide is Holly Bishop and Jim Newsom.  Jim is no stranger to WHRO/WHRV having been a supporter for 30 years. Many might remember him from our television pledge drives. He has been a singer/songwriter/musician/music reviewer here in the area for many years and has actually been on our show before.

Holly is originally from South Dakota and has spent the last 10 years in the area.  She is a multi-instrumentalist playing the violin, guitar and piano.  She is a well-established church musician and music teacher and has only recently teamed with Jim to form MountainTide.

So we hope you will join us this Sunday as MountainTide visits Hunter At Sunrise for the first time. For more about MountainTide, click HERE. 

The Last Bison returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Hope you will join us this Sunday morning as members of The Last Bison provide an awesome acoustic session on Hunter At Sunrise. Fresh off last year's release of their critically acclaimed album VA which was recorded on their farm in Chesapeake, the band is gearing up for a cool free show as part of the Out of the Box series at the Sandler Center Feb. 26th. We'll be talking to them about that, the recording of their new disc, and their upcoming tour this Sunday.  Make sure you're tuned in for The Last Bison this Sunday morning on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about The Last Bison, click HERE.