Singer/Songwriter/Actor Chris Van Cleave Makes His First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Chris Van Cleave
Chris Van Cleave is taking a quick break from his role as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at the Sandler Center in Va. Beach to visit Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  A longtime singer/songwriter with several records to his credit,  Van Cleave will not only play on Hunter At Sunrise but will also perform at the Five Points Community Farm Market right after the show at noon.  We hope you will join us this Sunday as Chris Van Cleave performs live on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Chris Van Cleave, click HERE. 

Recording Artists Catie Curtis and Maia Sharp Return to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

catie curtisMaia Sharp

Hunter at Sunrise welcomes, not one, but two incredible singer/songwriters to the program this Sunday morning.  National recording artists, Catie Curtis and Maia Sharp, will be our guests for what promises to be a fantastic acoustic session. Both have several cool solo CDs to their credit and both have been on Hunter at Sunrise before, just never together. So we hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session with Catie Curtis and Maia Sharp this Sunday.  For more about Catie Curtis, click HERE and for more about Maia Sharp, click HERE. 

Ron Fetner Shares His Bluehouse Project With Us on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

ron fetner
ron Fetner 2
Ron Fetner of Seaford returns to Hunter At Sunrise as he releases his new record featuring the Bluehouse Project. Ron is an accomplished singer/songwriter who's a vertuoso acoustic and
electric guitar player.  We'll be talking to him about this great new album featuring his band, Bluehouse, this Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Ron Fetner and the band Bluehouse, click HERE. 

Mike Lawson Has A New Album And an Acoustic Session on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Mike Lawson copy
Fresh off the release of his new album, Lie Here With Me...Mike Lawson has a date with Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  Originally from New York and now residing in Norfolk, Mike has been a finalist in the Sea Level Emerging Artist Contest as well as a very active singer/songwriter here in the area.  His new CD is out on Nov. 4th and we are happy he has chosen Hunter At Sunrise as the place to debut some of his new songs. Hope you can tune in this Sunday.  For more about Mike Lawson, click HERE. 

Narissa Bond is Our Guest on Hunter At Sunrise This Weekend

Narissa Bond
It is always so cool  to have Norfolk's Narissa Bond on the show.  She's such a great songwriter and performer and it will indeed be cool to catch up with what she has been up to. After our show, she will perform at the Five Points Community Farm Market in Norfolk at noon for brunch. So two chances to hear Narissa Bond this Sunday...on Hunter At Sunrise and at Five Points.  Hope you will join us. For more about Narissa Bond, click HERE.  

Hunter At Sunrise Presents the 757 Hour This Sunday Morning

Hunter At Sunrise is presenting something a little different this Sunday. Our final hour will be devoted to recordings from many of the local acoustic artists that reside here in our area. Hope you will join us as we bring you the first ever 757 hour this Sunday morning. 

Hunter At Sunrise Survives The Big Storm

Yes.....we are back to live shows this Sunday.  We did not get swept away by flood waters.  We will have fresh, new acoustic and eclectic music for your Sunday moring this weekend. Hope you can tune in for Hunter At Sunrise.  Don't forget you can listen to the program on the go anywhere in the world but downloading the free WHRO app to your smart phone or tablet.  Available in any App store. 

Hunter At Sunrise Takes a Short Break to Wave at Hurricane Matthew

matthurricanedustin furlow

Yes, this Sunday's show is an encore broadcast because, even though it looks like Matthew may miss us, the weather is still going to be dicey with possible flooding Sunday morning.  But our  show will go on as we air a program from back in September featuring Dustin Furlow. 
 We will return to live shows next Sunday. Thanks, as always,  for your support of Hunter At Sunrise. 

Karl Werne Is Our Guest on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Karl Werne5
Karl Werne returns to Hunter At Sunrise and I have a feeling he will not be alone.  Expect a great ensemble to visit the show this Sunday.  A lot has been going on with Karl who is now hosting a new open mike in Virginia Beach at the Steel Pier Cafe.  We'll be catching up on that and other things as Karl Werne returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  For more about Karl Werne, click HERE. 

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