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Chuck "Coyote" Larson demonstrates why he's a legend on Hunter at Sunrise

Chuck Larson (alias, Coyote) from the Outer Banks was our special guest on the program this past Sunday morning. Many of you may remember that Chuck is one of the founding members of the popular band Snuff. He recently released a new solo album called "Snake Oil Cowboys, The Frill Is Gone." He brought some of the cowboys (Robbie House and Norm Harrell) along with him to perform music on Hunter at Sunrise...enjoy!

Thanks to Denise Pons for recording and posting this video.

You can see videos of great performances on Hunter at Sunrise HERE

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Anthony Snape drops in for a visit with Hunter at Sunrise

Anthony Snape, orginally from Australia, headquartered in Nashville, returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. In town recently for a series of shows, Anthony talks about his plans for a new album and his affiliation with guitar great, Tommy Emmanuel.

Anthony is most at home in the pop rock world with an energy that is very infectious. Influenced by Rob Thomas, Cold Play and Neil Finn, Anthony's brand of songwriting is all about connection with the audience.

Hope you will enjoy this behind the scenes look at very special acoustic session with Anthony Snape on Hunter at Sunrise

Thanks to Denise Pons for recording and posting this video.

You can see videos of great performances on Hunter at Sunrise HERE

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