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Recording Artist Carrie Rodriguez kicks off our November Indie Artist Series This Sunday

A native of Austin and once described by the media as one of the hardest working performers in Americana music, Carrie Rodriguez visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  The appearance kicks off a series of acoustic sessions by indie artists on Hunter At Sunrise.  Carrie started as a classically trained violinist then moved to a very diversified style of playing.  After recording four albums with country artist, Chip Taylor, she struck out on her own and has produced four solo studio albums as a singer-songwriter including last year's release, Give Me All You Got. For More about Carrie Rodriguez, Click HERE.

Here are the other artists in our November indie artist series:

Perf Planet Kevin So 2Nov. 9th- Kevin So: Kevin is the way above average Asian-American singer-songwriter who has already been on our show several times. Originally from the Boston area, Kevin is now residing in Nashville and has released numerous cds.  It's been awhile since Kevin has visited and a lot has transpired.  He's been a member of Keb Mo's touring band and been working on a brand new album.  So we have a lot of catching up to do.  Hope you can tune in for this very special live acoustic session with Kevin So.  For more about Kevin, click HERE.

Nov 16th-James Lee Stanley: James Lee has been on our show several times and returns now as he is james-lee-stanley-editreleasing a brand new cd, The Apolcaloptimist.  He has a number of albums to his credit including two covering Rolling Stones music called All Wood and Stones, part 1 and 2 and one covering The Doors called All Wood and Doors. James Lee went to school in the area and now resides on the west coast.   It will be good to welcome James Lee Stanley back to the show.  For more about James Lee Stanley, click HERE. 

Kim RicheyNov. 23rd- Kim Richey: Born in Ohio and based now in Nashville, Kim just recently released her 8th album, the critically acclaimed Thorn in My Heart on Yep Rock Records.  She was also a guest on Jason Isbell's 2013 disc, Southeastern. This will be Kim's third visit to Hunter At Sunrise. Hope you will join us for this special acoustic session just before Thanksgiving.  For more about Kim Richey, click HERE. 

And Coming in December, an acoustic session with Indie Artist, Susan Werner. 

Kelsie McNair makes her first appearance on Hunter at Sunrise

Kelsie McNair of Norfolk makes her first appearance on the show. Kelsie was one of the contestents in last spring's TAO Emerging Artist Showcase. In addition to singing and songwriting, Kelsie also owns and operates a boutique in Norfolk's Ghent. Hope you could join us for this very special live acoustic session with Kelsie McNair this Sunday.

Thanks to Denise Pons for recording and posting this video.

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Our CD, Hunter At Sunrise Presents Sunrise Sessions Vol. 1, is Now Available on this Site

It's the new disc...Hunter At Sunrise Presents: Sunrise Sessions - Volume 1
Hunter At Sunrise is an all volunteer effort bringing you acoustic and eclectic national and local music every Sunday morning. We need your help to keep the show alive. You can keep Hunter At Sunrise going and acquire music you can't buy anywhere else by purchasing Sunrise Sessions Vol 1 which features radio performances from artists like David Wilcox, Eliza Gilkyson, Glen Phillips, Jonatha Brooke, Slaid Cleaves, Kim Richey, Robbin Thompson, Lucy Kaplansky and many others. Proceeds from your purchase go to help keep Hunter At Sunrise on the air and to Tidewater Arts Outreach which provides music and arts to people in nursing homes and hospitals. The cost on-line is $10 plus shipping...just click this link which leads to a place where you can purchase the disc...thank you so much for your support. 

Mykal Allen shares some tasty tunes on Hunter at Sunrise

Hunter At Sunrise welcomed another area emerging artist this Sunday as Mykal Allen visits the show for the first time. His bio on Reverbnation is very short and intriguing...

"Mykal's shows are usually filled with awkward greetings, corny jokes, and honest-to-earth lyrics. His original songs started off as a branch of his poetry, and the lyrics are still heavily influenced by and often written from the spoken word of his youth. Mykal has spent a life traveling, and will definitely be on the road soon to low key venue near you."

Thanks to Denise Pons for recording and posting this video.

You can see videos of great performances on Hunter at Sunrise HERE

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